• Catholic Medical Center
    Catholic Medical Center
    This affiliation will mean that patients will have greater access to primary and specialty care, especially highly specialized care, with a seamless patient experience. Learn More
  • Monadnock Community Hospital
    Monadnock Community Hospital
    Hospitals with an eye towards the future will be proactive to increase scale, scope and geographic reach while maintaining a strong local and community focus. Learn More
  • Huggins Hospital
    Huggins Hospital
    Huggins, Monadnock, and CMC are each financially sound and well-positioned to pursue this kind of strategic affiliation. Learn More

“This proposed affiliation – which is not an acquisition or merger – will allow each hospital to keep its name and continue to provide all current services. It simply makes each stronger as health care continues its dramatic transformation across America.”

   Peter Read - Peterborough

Why Affiliate?

CMC has a long-standing clinical relationship with Huggins to provide cardiology and vascular care and, more recently, hospitalists.  CMC has similar relationships with Monadnock to provide cardiology and vascular care, rheumatology, neurology, and shared hospitalists and laboratory services.

We can build on these collaborations to create more opportunities for patients and their families to have greater access to high quality, affordable care, closer to home. An affiliation could also assist Huggins and Monadnock in recruiting and retaining clinical care providers. CMC, in turn, will be able to extend more of its award-winning services to long-standing strategic partners. The affiliation would allow each of these organizations to execute a shared vision of providing high quality, value-based care for their patients and communities.